Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to the country :P

I visit this place when I was a little boy of 13 years… and since that day I just want to back…this place is Talca, exactly in Coipue. I know this place because the uncles of my dad live here

Was an odissey arrive to Coipue in this :/
The first time, when I travel to Coipue was in the holidays of 2004 or 2005 (I don’t remember so much) but I love it !!! … the place was beautiful, you can see everything green in anywhere, there was one little river, cows, horses, frogs, snakes … that place had everything that you can imagine (well, everything I wanted )… as was the first time that I go to Coipue, all the things were amazing, even if I had to sit 8 hours to arrive there

In the country, I didn’t make anything xD (is holiday time!! :D )…and that is what I like it. I mean, I just spend my time searching frogs and tarantulas, walking across the hills, swimming in the river, follow chickens XD … good times :D  

This place is important to me because everything was easy, and I don’t have any preoccupations… just I enjoy the life :D

I want to back to Coipue !!! :D 

A place seems to Coipue

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