Thursday, May 31, 2012

A fan travel :D

I wanted to travel to Canada, well today no too much, but in the past ( emo times XD).. I just want to travel there, because Alexisonfire belongs to this country :P...and I want to meet the band and his home town.

I don't know many things about Canada, but it seems a very nice place xD (his flag have a leave.. and that is so cool)... In this country the people speak in two languages, English and French.

In this country I want found Alexisonfire band or his members (is the main reason for travel here), later I want to know about his culture, traditions, his tourist attraction, etc. ( the typical things that You do when You are in other countrys)

I think that Canada could be a nice place to live, because have a wide geography (3.3 inhabitant per kilometer ... is so much space for one person ... really cool), the flora is very beautiful (maple tree, cedar tree), and the  wild life too (beaver, polar beards, wolves, moose, etc). These elements are all I want to live as a relax man :D
cedar tree
red maple tree
This is life :D