Thursday, April 26, 2012

My PSx

The console playstation is all what one little boy want in his infancy and I had one, the Playstation one (PSx). I lost all my days playing in this console... I loved my console because I wasted all my time in funniest way and I feeling like the coolest guy when I won a stage.

The PSx was a gift of my parents for christmas... and when I saw the console, I loved it!!! ... the first times when I used the PSx, I play the same game "Twisted Metal III" because I didn't have more games xD ... but I love that  game.. was the perfect mix of cars and destruction (I shoot cars until they blow up... awesome times xD). 

While I grew up, I used PSx less and less because I had many homeworks and I preferred go out with my friends ... but in the holidays of 2009 - 2010 I play in it  all these days ... was a good summer because I play Final fantasy 7 ... a very long game that I couldn't over, because my PSx die :( 

My life without Psx was rough... I didn't have reason for wake up xD ... well, no exactly... the first days was so bored!! ... but I went to my best friend's house and stay there all the day... doing nothing XD ... but was funniest than my house.
R.I.P :(

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A bit of my twisted music preferences

Alexisonfire is a post-hardcore band, founded in 2001. The members are George Pettit, Dallas Green, Wade Macnell, Chris Steele and Jordan Hastings.

Alexisonfire (yes.. onfire 1313 xD) is one of my favourite band. I knew them in 2008 or 2009 when a friend show me this band. The first time I said "Is just noise, and people screaming", but with the time I listen his music and really like me.

His music really like... so much people don't understand me XD (I think you neither). Well they like me because his lyrics are amazing (for me XD)... and the screams do all the rest... is a freaky mix.

"Rough hands" is my favourite song... how I say before... the lyric of this song are amazing... Is about one man that lose his girlfriend and he is very sad about that ... but He have the hope that one day he will fall in love again. Very emotive the song :P .. Don't worry, they have songs happier than "Rough hands".

In 2011, Alexisonfire split out :( ... but his music beats still in my heart xD (emotive moment).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My life :D

I born in 1992, at mid july. I have 19 years, and the main part of my life (infancy) I don't remmember too much xD. Then I try to tell you what I can remember :P.

I was at the school "Parque Asuncion"... was a little but loving school, there I meet my best friends (and my girlfriend... but I don't knew it in that time). Thereafter I went to high schoool (Manuel Barros Borgoño)...It  was a good time bind with a big change... because I meet new people, new friends and I started to travel in "micro", now call as transantiago ( before I don't knew what bus take). In the same time I began to go to the parties (sometimes every weekend... awesome times :D). Afterward I arrive to University to study psychology. My first year of university was interesting and tough ... but I won and I'm in my second year xD.
My sister and I

In mi house live my parents and my sister. She study  and work, my parents works in the street market and I'm the "homeless" because I don't have a job ( I'm still trying to work in something that not have prejudice against beard .. too much beard :P).

I enjoy watching movies and listening music... but usually my music doesn't like to the others :(  ... the downside I don't have much time to see movies. Also I really like see photos  and short films ... that I call as hobbie.

That is my life... is awesome for me XD

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome readers

Hello readers.
I'm Miguel Soriano and you are in my first blog (wooo!!)... I don't understand so much this, but I try to understand it ... I'm in second year of psychology in "Universidad de Chile". In this blog I will publish every single thing that I find original, freaky or interesting... also I will publish news, photos, videos and  music.
Well, I'm a blogger now ... and watch me post