Thursday, May 31, 2012

A fan travel :D

I wanted to travel to Canada, well today no too much, but in the past ( emo times XD).. I just want to travel there, because Alexisonfire belongs to this country :P...and I want to meet the band and his home town.

I don't know many things about Canada, but it seems a very nice place xD (his flag have a leave.. and that is so cool)... In this country the people speak in two languages, English and French.

In this country I want found Alexisonfire band or his members (is the main reason for travel here), later I want to know about his culture, traditions, his tourist attraction, etc. ( the typical things that You do when You are in other countrys)

I think that Canada could be a nice place to live, because have a wide geography (3.3 inhabitant per kilometer ... is so much space for one person ... really cool), the flora is very beautiful (maple tree, cedar tree), and the  wild life too (beaver, polar beards, wolves, moose, etc). These elements are all I want to live as a relax man :D
cedar tree
red maple tree
This is life :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Sexy and I know it ♫

I'm a crazy sexy man
I love this picture!!! ... I feel that encompasses all my personality.. all the freakys aspect of my life... I look like a surprised crazy man, my eyes are so open than I can see you (1313), my disordered hair emphasize my craziness XD (I'm so crazy 1313).

This picture was take it by my sister, the next day of my birthday (18). That day I was eating hot-dogs with my friends in my house (the rest of yesterday xD)... this picture really surprised me and I can't see the picture until was published in facebook ... and I laugh for hours seeing my face (I just want to share with you).

I like this picture a lot, as I say before... this picture encompasses all my personality... I think I look like a super model xD ( just  kidding) ... really I think "I'm a freaky person that enjoy the life doing stupid thing" (I'm lost, I know XD)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where are you ??

Scooby Doo was a cartoon that really likes me. I saw it in the channel "Cartoon Network" when I have cable television ... well now I have, but I don't have time for watching TV.

The serie was about a group of friends that have to resolve mystery cases in different places (all the time they travel around the country on the "Mystery Machine", the car of Fred). The main characters were: Fred, an handsome guy; Daphne, a very attractive rich girl (1313); Vilma, the brain of the group; Shaggy, the hippie and Scooby, the speaking dog. Shaggy and Scooby, was really good friends, they are easily frightened too.

The serie was one of my favorites, because they are a freaky detective team, and all his cases was paranormal (in the first impression) but has to rational explication... That made me feel happy or confident, because all the problem has an answer... you know... I used that philosophy :D

Scooby Doo is very special ... is a mix of monster, fear, travels, and friendship...all in one :D... that was more awesome than other series like Tom and Jerry, is really cool too but just fun, Scooby Doo was deeper. Also Scobby Doo has an epic scene when they try to catch the monster... when the doors open nobody knows who go out of there. (I can't found a video about this scene :/ )

I want to be Shaggy, because is a really relaxed guy, and I enjoy eating like him. Also I want a dog how my best friend :P (forever alone)