Thursday, June 21, 2012

Autumn, sweet autumn

The best part of the year is the autumn, because is a mix of different climates. For example, in autumn is hot and cold at the same time … and you can go outside while is hot … and go home when is so cold (where is warm to stay the rest of the day)
I love step on the leaves !!

In the hottest days of autumn you can go anywhere, walk in the parks, visit different malls, go out with friends and go parties… you go with less clothes too, it’s easiest

The coldest days are slowly, but with a nice movie, coffee and great company the day become into a super cool day (xD)

I like autumn because you have days to go out and others to stay in your home… as I say … Is the perfect match!!!

In autumn have two bad things (I think): when you want to go outside and it’s raining … but with a good umbrella you can go anywhere :D . And when you have so many clothes in a cold morning, but in the afternoon is very hot and you don’t know what doing with all the rest of clothes

In autumn I go to my friend’s house the Fridays (well I do every Friday xD ), I like walk to anywhere (less to buy bread :P), I go to the mall (sometimes, because I hate it) and I play video games in my PC (nice XD)

It's beautiful :D 

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