Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging, blogging everywhere

In this months, I tried to write the better entries that I could write, because it’s my first blog … and I never know about what to say … also I don’t like write too much before.

The topic of the entries make you think about what write, and that was a cool think, because you have to search in dictionaries the specific word (isn’t easy work for me). Searching the words in the dictionaries I found others words that I didn’t know… so I think that was so useful because my vocabulary was increasing every Thursday :D.  

The experience of blogging was funny, I learn English in a different way (different at the school way)… and I always try to make a funny entry (I didn’t know If was funny :P )…  I think I improve my English (searching funny thinks to say :P)

For me, the disadvantage of blogging was the internet connection… was so awful, and slowly… like the Russian roulette, you never knows if your computers  was works or not… or the computers works, but slowly… they never were ok XD (well this disadvantage is about computers, no really of blogging XD). The advantage of blogging was improve my vocabulary of English, as I say before :D  

I enjoy writing the different entries in my blog :D 

Computers of the English lab XD