Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Sexy and I know it ♫

I'm a crazy sexy man
I love this picture!!! ... I feel that encompasses all my personality.. all the freakys aspect of my life... I look like a surprised crazy man, my eyes are so open than I can see you (1313), my disordered hair emphasize my craziness XD (I'm so crazy 1313).

This picture was take it by my sister, the next day of my birthday (18). That day I was eating hot-dogs with my friends in my house (the rest of yesterday xD)... this picture really surprised me and I can't see the picture until was published in facebook ... and I laugh for hours seeing my face (I just want to share with you).

I like this picture a lot, as I say before... this picture encompasses all my personality... I think I look like a super model xD ( just  kidding) ... really I think "I'm a freaky person that enjoy the life doing stupid thing" (I'm lost, I know XD)